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Welcome to Towel Diary. This is a fanpage dedicated to the RPGmaker series Towelket One More Time. This site is mostly exists for me to show my appreciation for the games. For newcomers to this series, be aware of possible spoilers.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the developer, Kanashimi Hocchikisu. All materials used in this site that aren't explicitly labeled as fanart belongs to them.


♪ 4-9-2024: Towelket 6 review has been added
♪ 4-2-2024: Towelket 1 review has been added
♪ 1-25-2024: Towelket 2 review has been added
♪ 1-20-2024: Towelket 3 review has been added
♪ 1-18-2024: Fanart page is now alive

♪ 1-17-2024: Completely changed the site's layout and purpose after almost a whole year... '